Is there an age restriction at Farmington Woods?
No.  One of the aspects of our community that we enjoy the most is that there is no age restriction. 
Are pets allowed?
Yes.  Each condominium may house one dog, and up to two indoor cats.

How do I get to know people in the Community?
We have a Woman’s Club, CONNECT, Bridge and special holiday activities for young children and adults alike, frequent theme dinners and entertainment nights at our Clubhouse, concerts, speakers, and a myriad of government or interest areas that are run by volunteers.

Am I automatically a member of the Golf Course if I am a condominium owner or resident?
No.  Membership to the Golf Course is voluntary. Non-member residents do qualify for limited access to the course with greens fees.

I have heard that Farmington Woods has its own Tax District.  What does that mean?
Most condominium communities provide their own ‘public works’ type of services – landscaping, snow removal, road paving, street lighting, secutiy and trash removal etc., as part of their Homeowners’ fees.   By creating our own Tax District, the community is able to qualify for the same Public Works tax benefits that you would enjoy by paying taxes to your municipality.